E-Filing Services

Last year was the first year that companies are required to submit the financial statement through the E-filing System by the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce through its website.  However, many companies still do not understand the E-Filing System.  As a result, some of submitted applications are inaccurate.

Some mistakes are listed below;

  1. Input shareholders’ equity in long-term loan section
  2. Input shareholders’ equity in retain earning’s section
  3. Input cost data in other expenses’ section
  4. Others

These days, the financial statement is public information.  This information has been transformed into digital data and can be accessed via Ministry of Commerce website.  Undeniably, the financial statement is used in several purposes by various industries such as banks, creditors, tax payers and government agencies.  The financial statement can be used to find potential corporate client as well as being a tool to analysis the risk of the companies.

Therefore, it is very important that your information must be accurate in the system since it will affect the reliability of your company.  The Revenue Department may be suspicious of financial statement that does not match the P.N.D. 50 and could lead to further request for investigation.

A.R. Accounting Consultant Company Limited (ARAC) is a high-quality accounting office with over 28 year experiences in accounting industry.  We are pleased to offer your financial statement of 2016 and submit E-Filing for you.  We also recheck the financial statement of year 2015 and correct it, in case you did not file the statement correctly.

We even setup E-Filing center to focus on this business, if you want to ensure that the information of your company in the system is accurate, please call Khun Nattawan 02-439-4600 Ext. 2101, Email efiling@ar.co.th.