Tax Advisory Services

Currently, A.R. Accounting Consultant Co., Ltd. (ARAC) conducts both domestic and international business level.  We are a high-standards accounting firm that have a deep understanding of business in various groups of customers.  We offer business tax advice, international trade and planning services which are;

Compliance with general tax regulations.

  • Tax report filing
  • Preparation of mid-year and annual corporate income tax filings
  • Preparation of personal income tax filing
  • Review of company / store monthly tax filings (e.g. VAT, Withholding tax)
  • Assistance in negotiating with the Revenue department and / or tax calculations

Tax planning

Manage and apply complex taxation requirements and / or double taxation conventions planning to help businesses save on taxes more appropriately.  Tax planning services include:

  • Corporate income tax
  • VAT
  • Specific business tax
  • Land and housing tax
  • Double tax treaties
  • Taxation thread for planning