Financial Accounting Services Management

The high standards of accounting and internal control system prevent fraud that may occur.  This will make it more difficult for corruption opportunities because all transactions can be tracked to find the sources.  In addition, accounting data can also be analyzed to find unusual transactions, find out the weaknesses and defects which are warning signs for the company to prepare a preventive measure and fix any problem that may occur.

Management system is one of the strategies leading to business success.  This enables the operation of the organization to be clear, accurate and efficient.  According to internal control principles, the management system consists of

  • Organizational structure system
  • Managerial accounting system
  • Financial accounting system

A.R. Accounting Consultant Co., Ltd. (ARAC) offers accounting system for business organization that want to improve their own accounting system to be more effective.  Moreover, we also have software that will solve accounting problems for all types of business organizations.