Auditing Services

A.R. Accounting Consultant Co., Ltd. (ARAC) provides accounting and auditing services complying with auditing standards to ensure that financial statements are presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and pass reviews from

  • Certified Public Account (CPA)
  • Thai Standard Auditing (TSA)
  • Thai Standard on Quality Control 1 (TSQC1)

Our services include audit procedures in all parties involved in accounting data processing in order to present to the management and users of financial statements as well as related government agencies.

Our Works composed of

  • Auditing and certification of annual financial statements by certified public accountant
  • Interim auditing service
  • Consultations and advices to improve the accounting system
  • Recommendations for accounting practice to be accurate according to accounting standards and tax admiration in accordance with the Revenue Code
  • Special audit report (by request)