Accounting Services

Financial, tax and accounting management services

Financial and accounting management

Accounting information is very important to business operations.  We offer high-quality accounting services certified by the Ministry of Commerce.  We emphasize on accounting and financial management so that users will receive accurate information based on generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and follow International Accounting Standards (IAS), as well as Thai Accounting Standards (TAS).  In addition, we comply related laws including the Accounting Act 2543 and the Accounting Profession Act 2547 by the Department of Business Development and the Federation of Accounting Profession in order to obtain accounting information which follow international standards.  Our accounting and financial management services include:

  • Financial Accounting Service
  • Managerial Accounting Service
  • Financial Statements Preparation and Analysis
  • Financial Ratios Analysis

All services can be done on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually basis

Tax Management

Every business must have a correct tax management and use tax benefits in a cost-effective way and comply with Revenue Code.  We offer tax management services as follows:

  • Tax filing services
    • VAT
    • Withholding tax
    • Corporate income tax
    • Personal income tax
    • Specific business tax
    • etc.
  • Tax Consulting Services
    • Tax planning
    • Tax refund and withholding tax refund
    • Be a representative to coordinate and clarify tax issues with government agencies

Scope of Services

  1. Register as a bookkeeper for the business
  2. Record the transaction according to the document - monthly trade transaction
  3. Prepare information for auditor
  4. Prepare financial information such as details of receivables, details of creditors, etc.
  5. Fixed asset registration
  6. Prepare and financial statements report
  7. Prepare a ledger
  8. Prepare a general journal
  9. Prepare accounts receivable
  10. Prepare accounts payable
  11. Prepare purchase voucher
  12. Prepare withholding tax forms such as P.N.D. 1, 2, 3, 53, PND 1 Kor, PND 2 Kor, PND 3 Kor
  13. Prepare value added tax forms such as PP. 30, PP. 36
  14. Create corporate income tax such as P.N.D. 50, 51, 52, 54, 55
  15. Specific business taxes such as P.T. 40
  16. Social security contribution for (SSO 1-10) to Social Security Office