A.R. Accounting Consultant Co., Ltd. (ARAC)

“A company of A.R. Group”

A.R. Accounting Consultant Co., Ltd. (ARAC) was established in 2002 and become one of leading companies in A.R. Group – ARAC service is the leader in innovation, information and knowledge management in Thailand.  ARAC provides variety of services including comprehensive accounting and tax management, as well as tax and business law consulting services.  We have the team of highly-trusted experts and experienced specialists complying with Thai business and tax-related laws, We are also and experts in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Thai Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS), Thailand Accounting Standards (TAS) under the Accounting Act 2543 and the Accounting Profession Act 2547.

A.R. Accounting Consultant Co., Ltd. (ARAC) is an accounting firm which passes the evaluation on compliance with Requirements for Quality Assurance for Accounting Firms according to the notification of Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce.  ARAC provides service of data collection and analysis, especially accounting, financial, and managerial data for many business and organizations by our team who are professionals on accounting, tax, and financial statement analysis.  Our services include planning for administrative system, providing training service on finance, accounting, tax, and general knowledge.  In addition, we also provide service for internal audit to enhance internal control of the organization, encourage and develop accounting professional for supporting the organization’s operation effectively based on correctness and conciseness.

  • Products and Services
    • Accounting management service
    • Tax service
    • Tax assessment and tax evaluation services
    • Managerial internal audit service
    • Audit service
    • Accounting and financial statements analysis service
    • Administrative and accounting system set up
    • Accounting and tax advisory
    • Accounting, tax and management seminars
    • Transfer pricing service
    • Business registration service
    • E-Filing Service